Taking stock and moving forward with renewed purpose

Holidays are over and it’s back to school and back to work and the start of another “school year”. Summer is the perfect time to “take stock” and so September is often the time of year when people make plans for new businesses, new ways of working, streamlining work and simplifying life in general.

Taking stock

If you’re anything like me, as much as holidays are all about downtime to recharge and spend precious moments with friends and family, they also offer reflective time to consider all aspects of life; home, work, health, happiness, future goals and aspirations. It’s having that indulgent time to take stock, rise above all the ‘busyness’ and ‘business’ of daily life in order to reconsider what’s most important to focus on next.

We always take our summer holiday right at the end of August. I don’t know why; it’s just become a subconscious pattern. Or has it? Am I deliberately holding on to as much of the summer as possible? Or is it just practical, because I know that most of my clients are off that bank holiday weekend, so it makes perfect sense for me to do the same?

Whatever it is, it’s become a family habit and I cherish this time to contemplate the whole summer period of activity in that one week. It is the best holiday of the year to reposition myself, so that the return until the run up to Christmas (I know, only 16 weeks to go!) is super focused, efficient and fruitful.


Stripping back life and work

Holidays have a way of telling you what really matters and what really matters not. They gift you the ability to see things with crystal clarity, lift above the day to day and often, strip it right back and focus on the thing or things that make the greatest difference.

Simplification is a word liked by my clients. Keeping things simple in order to enjoy some quick and long term wins.  In a complicated world we can all do with this.  Simplifying something in our work and personal lives, so as to create space for a new and better future. Isn’t it time to do just that? Just as the trees and animals do in Autumn, so can we do a bit of shedding and let the rejuvenation cycle commence.

So, as we head back from our holidays and think about the trimester ahead, it’s the perfect time to set goals, aspirations and do something better or new.


Make that one fundamental change

Mine encompass my whole life, as I’ve merged work and home in the spirit of keeping things really simple. It enables me to keep focused and attuned to whatever I am doing, fully present on the task at hand and tightly on track to deliver what is required of me.

Now’s the time to seize the moment and make some fundamental changes or that one fundamental change.  What is the one thing you can do differently that will change everything else? Identify it, then do it.

If you’ve taken stock this summer and decided that you’d like some support to plan your business or busyness; to identify new revenue streams; to finally open that Lettings department or simplify your activities and processes for greater reward, please do get in touch for a confidential chat.

Just as any good farmer tends to his land, a splendid harvest is the result of hard labour and careful planning. It’s exactly the same in the property world.

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