LONRES REPORT – the worst is over for Lettings

The May 2021 Lonres report is just out and in order to properly compare figures for this pivotal month in the property market, this report compares April 2021 with April 2019, recognising that April 2020 was too unusual to give a true indication of the current health of the prime market.

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Latest LonRes Report – March 2021

Want to know how the prime real estate market is faring? The latest LonRes market report is out.

While the market is bracing itself for the unknown that may arrive in the latter part of the year, the first quarter has been very positive so far, with the general air of hope and positivity.

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Is this the end of my pet hate about rentals?

Over the last year, with lockdown and family life at home taking more of a front seat, we’re now even more barking mad for pets than ever before. Families, couples and singles all over the country will now require their homes to be pet friendly, both owner occupied and rented. 

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The outlook for lettings 2021 – time to make your rental property stand out

I recently joined a very interesting LonRes briefing that looked over the year that was 2020, and into the foreseeable future for 2021. It was pretty depressing on the rentals front, and in PCL at least, landlords are going to have to work a lot harder for their rent for a while…

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How to build a successful Lettings team

As we enter a New Year and continue extended periods of remote working, the need for team unity and spirit is more important than it’s ever been. With the current work situation, many companies are prioritising how to build and maintain happy and motivated teams during unprecedented times. Here are my thoughts on this important subject…

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Estate agency is much like fishing!

I just spent a blissful week in Florida, St Pete’s beach to be exact, and much of the time was watching my kids fish off Merry Pier, a tiny pontoon where locals go for a spot of peace and quiet and hope for a catch or two. It occurred to me that estate agency is a lot like fishing… Continue reading “Estate agency is much like fishing!”

It’s time to take the lettings bull by the horns

When you work in Property Sales, Lettings often feels quite alien and overwhelming in terms of what it takes to broker a new tenancy and set up a viable rental team.   Yet the two activities – Sales and Lettings – are so intrinsically linked, it makes sense to offer rental services if you don’t already do so. It can add meaningful additional revenue stream to office revenue. So what’s stopping you? 

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