ZR Associates work with corporate clients on specific projects and initiatives.

These vary in duration and involvement.

Fees are agreed as a price per project, on a monthly fee retainer basis or a daily rate, whichever is the client’s preference and are subject to VAT.



This fee covers an 8-week period for a rental property search and a 15-week search period for a purchase, payable upon instruction and in accordance with our Terms of Business.
Rental registration £1,000 inc VAT
Purchase registration £3,000 inc VAT


Calculated as one calendar month’s rent, less the registration fee and is subject to a minimum charge of £3,000 inc VAT.


Calculated as a percentage of the sale price, less the registration fee and subject to a minimum charge of £9,600 inc VAT.

All fees, commissions and agreed charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

For further information, please refer to our Terms of Business, which are available upon request.